More than just Tax Advisors

Welcome to Uhart Tax & Financial, a place where your success is at the heart of everything we do.  We understand that your financial journey is as unique as you are. With our holistic approach, we're not just addressing your immediate tax needs; we're shaping a comprehensive strategy to manage your future tax liabilities, your long-term financial goals, retirement plans, and estate considerations, all while ensuring you are never alone in this pursuit.

Our Services

At Uhart Tax & Financial, we care deeply about our clients' financial success. Our comprehensive annual tax packages are designed to work with you throughout the year, providing continuous guidance and strategic advice that goes beyond tax season. Our services include:


  • Tax Preparation: Thorough and accurate preparation of your tax returns, ensuring compliance and maximization of deductions and credits.


  • Tax Planning: Proactive strategies to optimize your tax situation, including withholding analysis, retirement planning, and estate planning.


  • Tax Protection: Daily monitoring of your tax accounts with advanced technology to prevent surprises and keep you protected from the IRS.


We offer personalized services tailored to address your unique needs throughout your financial journey, from individual tax planning to estate strategies that secure your family's legacy across generations.

Commitment to Your Financial Future

We pride ourselves on transparency and building lasting relationships with our clients. Every financial decision we help you make is aimed at enhancing your success. By choosing Uhart Tax & Financial, you choose a committed partner in navigating the complexities of tax planning.


Plan today for a brighter tomorrow with Uhart Tax & Financial. Together, we will leverage our expertise to minimize your tax concerns and maximize your benefits, ensuring every financial strategy contributes to your enduring success.

About Us

Located in San Diego, California, Uhart Tax & Financial has been dedicated to providing exceptional tax advisory services to individuals and families for over 40 years, grounded in strong family values.


Our team of expert Enrolled Agents specializes in comprehensive tax strategy and optimization. We go beyond simple tax return preparation by offering in-depth tax planning that includes withholding analysis, retirement planning, and estate planning. Our aim is to ensure compliance while maximizing opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities.